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How well do Pastors know God?

There has been a tendency in recent decades to make us into academics rather than men of God. There should not be a tension between those two things, but I suspect we have become those who spend hours and hours with books, and hardly an hour in prayer and devotion.

And so the fire goes out. Intimacy with God should serve as the foundation for every aspect of our lives, but especially it should be the foundation and mainspring of our ministry to others. So, ‘How well do pastors know God?’


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2009, 2016

The Development and Impact of John Calvin’s ‘Institutes of the Christian Religion’

In this research paper the intention is to examine the motivation and purpose of John Calvin when writing his Institutes of the Christian Religion (also known as simply 'Institutes' or 'Institutio').

109, 2016

What is the Church?

The aim of this article is to give a brief survey of the reformed answers given in the great 17th century reformed confessions and to evaluate the relevance of these views for today.

3008, 2016

God has Spoken!

Although the Jewish people at large had rejected Jesus Christ as their Messiah, still many thousands had come to believe in him.

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